2015 OC Restaurant Week Dinner Menu $50


 Regular Menu on Left & 2015 OC Restaurant Week Menu on Right


Brussel Sprouts (Lemon brown butter, hazelnuts & cheese) 


This dish is prepared differently than other restaurant do because it has a citrus taste to it rather than just being drenched in sweet honey & the cheese gave it a hearty finish to this bowl.


 Cauliflower (Honey, thyme dressing, goat cheese & lentils)


The cauliflower was very tender & the drizzled honey nicely complimented the small crumbles of goat cheese. The crumbles of goat cheese gave this dish a nice mixture to start off the meal. 


Chicken Nuggets (Maple bourbon BBQ)


These were very fresh & crispy but the BBQ sauce was lacking in BBQ flavor.

IMG_0519Porridge (Oats, barley, manchego, escargot, mushrooms)


This dish reminded me of a heartier version of Asian porridge except this is made with oats & barley rather than rice. The escargot & mushrooms gave this dish a crispy after taste & the manchego cheese gave this dish a smokey finish. 


Calamari (Thai basil, chili, cilantro, garlic)


I felt that this dish was nothing special that you couldn’t have gotten at any other restaurants & the batter was very plain; it needed a dipping sauce which it did not come with.


 Tiramisu (Ladyfingers, mascarpone & chocolate)


This was a very light & fluffy tiramisu; much lighter than I expected it to be. I felt that this needed more rum to contrast the mascarpone.

Service: A-

Attentive & friendly but waiter kind of forgot about us towards the end of the meal.


I enjoyed my OC Restaurant Week meal but I felt that the portions were on the smaller side than what I had expected them to be compared to other restaurants I will definitely come back to try other dishes from their regular menu because their menu is seasonal so it’s constantly changing. 

I will be posting more reviews throughout this week on restaurants that participate in OC Restaurant Week so please stay tuned! 4cbGX4dcg

The North Left

400 N Broadway

Santa Ana, CA 92701

(714) 543-3543

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