Garlic & Chives (NEW Restaurant)

Garlic & Chives is a charming new addition to the Garden Grove Mall of Fortune which delivers a modern spin to Vietnamese – South East Asian Cuisine  that is tasty, garlicky but also very affordable at the same time. The decor is very warm & inviting as well; the service is very attentive compared to other restaurants in this area. 

This restaurant is family owned & ran by the the owner Kristin, also owns Binh Dan Restaurant which has been opened for more than 20 years. Kristin listens to customers’ feedback about the food because her passion for food transfers to keeping her customers happy & this is why customers continue to come to this quaint little restaurant. 


Vegan Pizza

This is a great little small mom & pop 100% vegan pizza place that uses Daiya cheese (no dairy / meats what so ever) for their pizzas. There were a lot of return & neighborhood customers that made this place a busy little pizza place =)

IMG_02911/2 Hawaiian (Pineapple, Jalapenos, Ham) & 1/2 Meat Lovers Pizza (Pepperoni, sausage, ham)


Mr. Katsu (New Restaurant)

IMG_02681It’s been a little over a month since Mr. Katsu has opened up in Fullerton, CA area and there’s been a good number of followers. John, one of owners at Mr. Katsu is a perfectionist when it comes to food because of his passion for good food; so he tries to make sure that customers are happy & satisfied with their food here. They’re very open to suggestions on their food so feel free to let them know. (more…)