2015 OC Restaurant Week Lunch Menu $20


Baked Five Onion Soup: 5 stars

Came out piping hot & this soup is very hearty but all so tasty at the same time. This soup was perfect for dipping with the complimentary bread that came with the meal. 


Grilled Salmon Salad ( Mixed field greens with apple, walnuts & blue cheese with Dijon Vinaigrette): 4 stars

Salmon was perfectly grilled medium rare, just the way I like it & the sides were not dry at all. The mixed greens was drowning in the Dijon vinaigrette which kind of killed the dish for me.  


Double Chocolate Mousse: 4 stars

This mousse was thick & creamy but was not overwhelming which was great. I wish it came in a bigger glass though. 

Service: A-

Attentive & friendly but I thought that they would send out an extra dessert like other restaurants did for our birthday celebration but all they did was add candles to the chocolate mousse that was on the OC Restaurant Week menu. It would have been nice if they had done this. But they did take our picture & gave us a card with the picture wishing us a Happy Birthday.


I enjoyed my OC Restaurant week meal here, this was a nice & classy restaurant but it would have been nicer if they added more options to the menu. 

I will be posting more reviews throughout this week on restaurants that participate in OC Restaurant Week so please stay tuned! 4cbGX4dcg

 Morton’s The Steakhouse

South Coast Plaza Village

1641 W Sunflower Ave

Santa Ana, CA 92704

(714) 444-4834

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