This event is held at Raleigh Studios,  they make good use of the space.  Tickets are about $85 but you can find a good deal on one of those online coupon sources. Check out Goldstar and LAWF website sells discount tickets.  Money saved never hurts. The tickets grants you admission to the event (if you enjoy the full event it’s about 5 hours); a tasting glass and program.  Food is available for purchase (food trucks).  Water is included (there are two water stations).

Suggestions to bring when you attend this event:
– Bring a hat/sunglasses
– Wear sunscreen & comfortable walking shoes

One good thing about this event is the restroom facilities – they are actual restrooms and portable potties – this is always a plus. Free parking can be a pain to find but there’s always plenty of paid parking in the lot next to the event. 

There are about 40 wineries present at the event, some of the wineries were so stingy on the pours. I had a few vendors who literally poured 1 sip, this does not make me want to buy the bottles. when the vendors are generous with the pourings then I’m more inclined to buy their wines. 

There are a TON of vendors, including food carts with delicious treats (for an additional cost).  Upon entry you get a free souvenir glass and let the guzzling (tasting) commence. I’ve always enjoyed myself and look forward to the next event which is May 30-31st, 2015.

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