Krisp Fresh Living is a little place that’s tucked away in the Westcliff Plaza that’s decorated in modern & sleek decor on the inside. 


 2015-01-21 11.46.37They offer 12 different kinds from daily cleanses, like Pure Greens to anti-inflammatory bone strengthening juices, such as Nourishing Roots.

2015-01-21 11.47

I got to sample several different cold pressed juices and smoothies; each one was flavorful and super healthy.

2015-01-21 12.41They offer 17 oz Pure Juices, such as Apple or Carrot & Raw Smoothies like Lavender Berry and Cacao Chip. They also have delicious Vegan ice cream inside this cute shop.

I got to try an Acai bowl (Berry Orchard) which was full of antioxidants and delicious goodness.

The top of this Acai bowl had honey drizzled on top & toppings of blueberry, strawberry, bananas & granola toppings. Acai smoothie filled the middle & more granola was ont he bottom of this delicious bowl of healthy goodness.  

5 stars

2015-01-21 12.00

Krisp Fresh Living’s prices are extremely competitive compared to other similar places, and everything is super fresh and very well made.2015-01-21 20.09

So if you are health conscious or like to try new things, this is definitely a great place to try out. 

KRISP Fresh Living

1651 Westcliff Dr.

Newport Beach, CA 92660


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