Fish Tacos: veggies fish wrapped in seaweed & breaded: 4 stars
Very crispy & tasty, the Cole slaw topping make his even crunchier. The ranch dressing was yummy & complimented the whole fish taco.

King Nacho: 3.5 stars
Cheese on this was almost nonexistent but the veggie meat was loaded on here & the black bean topping was good & avocado puree was drizzled on top, it would have been nicer if they had cut up slices/ prices of avocado in this dish.

Sweet potato curly fries: 4 stars
Lightly breaded with cornmeal which made it even crisper & even better was that they didn’t burn the fries like so many other places do.IMG_20150320_102729

Fish Burger: 3.5 stars
Same fish pieces which they use in the fish tacos they put in this burger but its a little twist on the traditional burger.

Service: A
Very friendly & helpful, they bring out your food according to your # to your table once you order at the cash register.

Decor & atmosphere: cafeteria & clean modern look inside & outside patio sit down area is nice on a sunny California day.

Very chill & relaxed atmosphere, a lot of customers hangout at the bar to chit-chat with friends.

Overall, I will definitely come back to try other items in the menu. I hope that they continue to have special menu items pop up here & there.

Tip: There are menu specialties on their little chalk boards which they change out pretty frequently.


Healthy Junk

201 Ctr St Promenade
Anaheim, CA 92805

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