Garlic & Chives is a charming new addition to the Garden Grove Mall of Fortune which delivers a modern spin to Vietnamese – South East Asian Cuisine  that is tasty, garlicky but also very affordable at the same time. The decor is very warm & inviting as well; the service is very attentive compared to other restaurants in this area. 

This restaurant is family owned & ran by the the owner Kristin, also owns Binh Dan Restaurant which has been opened for more than 20 years. Kristin listens to customers’ feedback about the food because her passion for food transfers to keeping her customers happy & this is why customers continue to come to this quaint little restaurant. 

Papaya Salad with Octopus

If you like papaya salad then you will enjoy this dish, this salad is drizzled with fish sauce & a touch of lime. Chopped Thai basil is mixed with the papaya & a topping of fried onions perfectly compliments this dish. 5 stars

Salmon Belly

This dish is a customer favorite because the salmon belly is very soft & tender with a crispy outer batter that is lightly salty which fully compliments the dipping sauce. 5 stars

Salmon Clay-pot  w/ Broken Rice

This dish is similar to the salmon belly except it was on a sizzling plate with vegetables & garlic & had a side of broken rice. I think a thick sauce drizzled on top of this dish would have made it better rather than just a light dipping sauce that was on the side. Overall, this dish was pretty tasty.  4-out-of-5-stars1

Garlic & Chives

9892 Westminster Ave

Garden Grove, CA 92844

(714) 591-5196

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