Last month, I had an opportunity to attend an amazing food expo in LA, named Crave Expo.


This event gave a chance for local companies to showcase their food, art work & services  to potential customers & marketers. This was a great concept to showcase how future catering services will be carried out.

IMG_0765Mr. Bartender cocktail area was a fun booth with good drinks.

Mr. Bartender


The Living’s easy drink (watermelon, vodka, and other fresh summery ingredients) was one of my favorites.


The Mark for Events had a booth with a killer S’mores Station, this would be really cute for a wedding.

The Mark for Events

The Pappas Artisanal booth had an amazing octopus dish and sure-take-one mini tins of Bahn Mi spice rub (this would be great on any meat/ seafood).

Their card says they cater Events, Beer parties, Office Gatherings, Wedding dinners, etc...


Vita Coco also had a booth with so many different delicious versions of their coconut water. I enjoyed the pineapple, peach & mango, and original flavors of the Vita Coco drinks. 

Below are pictures of my fave vendors & foods which I had tried at this amazing event. Can’t wait until their next event!

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Crave Expo 2015
The Mark for Events
9320 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

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